A Provocative Approach to Therapy by Frank Farrelly

A Provocative Approach to Therapy by Frank Farrelly

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This is a 6 DVD set of Frank Farrelly conducting Provocative Therapy interviews during 2005 & 2006 UK workshops.
Subjects discussed include business, relationships, losing weight, social interactions and why there are no certifications in Provocative Therapy.
Each interview offers a multi viewing option so your can fully experience the extraordinary power of this therapeutic approach.

What this gives you

This DVD set is a rare chance to experience the therapeutic genius of Frank Farrelly, together with Frank's commentary on the process.

In this DVD set you can see the changes he Frank able to elicit in clients in remarkably short time. And his comments allow you to understand the basis behind the philosophy of Provocative Therapy.

DVD 1 Introduction to Provocative Therapy by Frank Farrelly.
DVD 2 Frank working with Steve discussing a business problem.
DVD 3 Frank working with Hazel on weight issues.
DVD 4 Frank talks with Nick Kemp about why there are no certifications in PT.
DVD 5 Frank talks with Sue about self worth.
DVD 6 Frank talks to Neil about social interactions.

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